A doctor uses a curate to remove earwax. It is extremely careful that the patient remains still during the process because if too much squirming causes the curate to go to much into the ear, the eardrum can burst. There are different types of curates for different kinds of earwax. Softer curates are used for softer earwax, and harder, more scoop-like curates are used for hard to get out earwax. First, the doctor will check the patients ear with an otoscope to see how much and what kind of earwax the patient has. Depending on what he sees, the doctor will use a curate to take the patient's earwax out of his or her ear. 

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    Riya Patel

    This is what I have learned over the past few months at a pediatrician's office. I hope you can learn as much as I have.