Hemoglobin is a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood of vertebrates. Basically, your hemoglobin is your iron level because there's so much iron contained in hemoglobin. The hemoglobin machine checks your hemoglobin count. This machine scares many kids because it requires the kids to prick their fingers. The machine needs a slide inserted into it with a drop of the patient's blood. Children should know that the needle is very very small, and it does not hurt. At the most, it seems like something pinched the tip of your finger. Having a low hemoglobin. A normal hemoglobin level is between 12 and 14. If your level is below 12, then you're anemic, and you have to take iron pills everyday. Checking hemoglobin very is important.



06/26/2012 11:18pm

I think it’s better if we can buy one for our own use and it will be helpful for everyone to check their blood sugar.


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    Riya Patel

    This is what I have learned over the past few months at a pediatrician's office. I hope you can learn as much as I have.